The Cosmedico 10K100® lamp series gets maximum tanning performance out of any solarium. This makes the 10K100® a perfect upgrade for your tanning bed! With the 10K100® lamp series in premium quality, a PLUS of 10% and more in tanning effect can be achieved compared to ordinary tanning lamps when used correctly. The fascinating and long-lasting “GOLDEN TAN” makes users go into raptures.

You can filter all products according to your individual requirements in the search field of the table. With the input „160W“ you filter e.g. all lamps with 160 Watt from the table. By entering „1760“ you will get all lamps with a length of 1760 mm as a result. You can also combine multiple search terms with a space between them to search even more effectively.

Cosmedico Media

In our Media Center, our dealers have access to our current marketing materials. Logos, product photos, flyers and folders as well as the Cosmedico catalogue can be downloaded here. POS material is also available for viewing and downloading, as well as videos.