Cosmedico Cosmofit is EU standard compliant tanning top technology. This means that even with 0.3 tanning lamps from Cosmedico, the user is assured of the best tanning results. How does it work? Through spectra concentrated on the wavelength ranges that have a tanning effect and achieve the maximum tanning power at reduced irradiance.

Our studio customers are thrilled with the tanning results of the Cosmofit lamp range! And equipment operators are on the safe side after the 0.3 retrofit with Cosmofit lamps due to compliance with the maximum value of the erythema-effective irradiance of 0.3 W/m² according to UVSV (UV Protection Ordinance). Ask us which Cosmofit lamp fits your sunbed. Our 0.3 experts will be happy to advise you and help with the conversion.

You can filter all products according to your individual requirements in the search field of the table. With the input „160W“ you filter e.g. all lamps with 160 Watt from the table. By entering „1760“ you will get all lamps with a length of 1760 mm as a result. You can also combine multiple search terms with a space between them to search even more effectively.

Cosmedico Media

In our Media Center, our dealers have access to our current marketing materials. Logos, product photos, flyers and folders as well as the Cosmedico catalogue can be downloaded here. POS material is also available for viewing and downloading, as well as videos.